Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jaw Surgery Prep

I placed my amazon order earlier this week for my sippy cups, baby toothbrush and garlic scalp treatment. I am VERY serious about not experiencing telogen effluvium (hair loss) after this surgery and hopefully the mask will help with that. I met briefly with my surgeon today and apparently I will only be on a 'clear liquid diet' while I'm in the hospital (2 night stay). I have been given the go ahead to use my waterpik on the lowest setting and will also be purchasing Sensodyne Iso-active toothpaste in the hopes that the foaming gel helps to get those hard to reach areas in my splint, as well as the backs of my teeth. I am going to do some initial grocery shopping this week, and then depending on how my appetite goes I will order the rest of my food supplies on the Friday after my surgery (Day 2) and have them delivered. I also reminded my mother to bring my travel pillow which I intend to use to make sleeping upright more comfortable. That's all for now, one week left til the big day!!!

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