Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 3

I got discharged today so I’m back in the comfort of my own room J I didn’t believe the docs and my mom when they said that my swelling was going down but pics don’t tell lies so I have to admit that they are right. I’m looking a little less like Fat Bastard day by day. I am still getting tired quickly, as well as I’m always hungryyyyy! And of course the first thing I see when I pull up my facebook today is an entire album dedicated to cook out food with a lovely rack of ribs front and center L L.  I am about 12 hrs away from my last morphine shot and haven’t died from pain yet so hopefully this holds up.

Also I wish someone had told me about shaving my forearms before having surgery, I’m not the hairiest person out there but still managed to get tape stuck to my hair. Getting my iv’s taken off hurt!!

So far I am thrilled about my nose (cant be thrilled about my chin yet cuz my lip is blocking it lol). I told my mom that I finally have my family’s nose. It always bugged me that my mom and my brothers had these perfect neat straight noses, while mine was just huuuge, at least in my opinion. Now I look like the rest of my fam. Its funny because yesterday she told me that my face would no longer be a T and W production (where T and W stands for my dad and her's last names) but then had to eat her words when she saw for herself that I look more like her now that my jaw is in its rightful place. 

I did some walking around today after I left the hospital. Not much though, just shuffled around CVS while I was waiting for my prescriptions to be ready. Some jaw surgery patients claimed that staying active helped their swelling to go down faster so thats definitely something I'll be keeping in mind over the next few days. 

Food wise, today I had a couple boosts, a sippy cup of apple juice, a sippy cup of water and a tin of chowder. Not bad for someone on day 3 post surgery!

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