Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 4

More to add to the list of things no one warned me about. Namely having to use the restroom every hour it feels like. I almost miss my catheter....almost! Guess its from the fact that I’m drinking all my meals now. I think between last night and today I moved from feeling like I was hit by a truck to maybe just a luxury sedan lol. This whole drinking my food thing is pretty annoying but o well…4 days down and 30 to go. I think I’m keeping my nutrition up, haven’t lost any weight yet….i’m actually at 130 now when I went into surgery at 129. Just hoping that I’m not the heifer who has their jaw wired shut an gains weight :S. this is supposed to be my springboard into my Jamaican summa body! I already had a boost for breakfast, plus a sippy cup of apple juice which is not bad at all considering its only 11am. I must say kudos to those of you who had this surgery and ate through a syringe, I graduated to a cup with the quickness, that itsy bitsy syringe could not keep up with my munchkin appetite. Also kudos to anyone whose drug of choice is morphine…that ish burns going in and made my hand numb in a really weird way….AND I’ve felt higher off my acetaminophen from my wisdom teeth extractions so as drugs go morphine feels a bit tame…I’m just saying….

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