Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 21: 3 Weeks post

Wow. I can't believe that I'm already 3 weeks post op. It feels like just yesterday the nurses were teasing me about my  high heart rate prior to surgery lol. Let's just say I was VERY nervous.

I came back to work full time today and so far so good. I thought it would be awkward not being able to speak or answer phones but I'm finding it quite easy to just ignore the phone when it rings hehehe.

Swelling wise, I am happy with the left side of my face, but the right side is still indecently puffy, at least in my eyes. Its more swollen than the left side, so much so that I convinced myself yesterday that I had a infection (I didnt). The swelling also makes my smile look all twisted as it prevents me from having a big smile on that side, so I will be smiling with my mouth closed until the swelling goes down :( I get my splint taken off in 2 weeks and I am sooooo looking forward to it. I am such a talkative person that this month of undecipherable muffled mumbling has been a real test of my patience.

Other updates: I have officially lost 9 lbs, most of which came off my tummy so I'm very pleased about that. Now all i need to do is start some light weight training to tone things up and I'll have my high school body back again. See this surgery was good for something other than my bite! :D

Also I apologize for the lack of pics on this blog....I am still trying to convince myself to put up my awful pics from days 1-5, as well as I haven't gotten my official pics from the surgeon/orthodontist yet. I have this opinion that blogs without pics r worthless, esp for cases like this so I  will eventually get around to updating my posts with pics....eventually....


  1. 9 lbs is pretty good for 3 weeks. I'm afraid of losing too much weight so I'm going to make sure I get a lot of those high calorie boost drinks. Not that I wouldn't want to lose weight because I can lose a lil around the belly too lol but I don't want to get weak so I'm going to try as hard as I can to keep my calorie intake as high as I can because I already know I'm going to suffer with a liquid diet because I love food! Lol. I'm glad things are moving along :)

  2. Boost is great at getting a lot of calories in, i think thats probably why I didn't lose more weight. And yes this liquid diet is TORTURE especially since my mom is here making herself all these yummy homecooked meals :( lol. its all worth it in the end tho. at least that's what i keep telling myself!