Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 6

Today was a greeeeaaat day. I had the most energy ever in all of my post surgery days, and surprisingly only took one nap and that was earlier today after my 8am medicine call. I stayed pretty active today, and walked back and forth with my mom while she did the laundry. Tomorrow if I still feel this energized I may take a short walk outside and get some sunshine. My airways feel even clearer, probably due to the humongous cluster of dried blood that I dislodged today. TMI I know lol. My pain is still manageable, I take 15ml of liquid codeine every 6 hours and its been keeping my pain under control. I struck oatmeal off the list of things I'll be eating as after trying my oatmeal milkshake I had to pull out my waterpik to get my mouth clean again. It doubled my dental hygiene time. So delicious, but so not worth it. Not much difference between yesterdays and todays swelling, but hopefully all that walking around I did today will help to get some of this fluid gone. I also ate way more today. Had a couple boosts, some curried potatoes and chicken soup. Good stuff! Can't believe that last week this time I was prepping for surgery the next day….crazy that one of the scariest and most highly anticipated days in my life is already in the past!

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