Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 7

Its officially one week!

Swelling is going down, albeit slowly and my energy is waaaay up. Had to go on campus today to take care of some stuff for school which translated into me walking quite a bit of distance for about 30 mins (or more). Not bad…not bad at all :)

I have my first post op meeting tomorrow and I have a lot of questions!

My more immediate concerns are that my teeth hurt in the front, and my gums are pretty pale so I don’t know whats going on with that. Also the arm that had my iv and pain stuff hooked up to it is still hurting a bit and I cant straighten that arm out all the way which I don't think is normal...Is it?

So far I've lost about 7 lbs….hoping to lose 5 more! Although now that my appetite is back that weight loss may not happen. 

Now for a lil discussion on dental hygiene. So I’ve been diligent with my teeth cleaning, or at least I thought I was and made sure to brush twice a day (my front teeth at least), swish and spit with peridex twice a day, and swish and spit with salt water after every ‘meal’. My mouth felt fresh and smelt fresh so I was thought I was all good. Then tonight I whipped out the waterpik during my bedtime rinse session and discovered that there was spinach from my calaloo lurking in my splint. I could not believe it! After I swished and spit literally like 10 times! From now on I will definitely be using my waterpik every night. I do not play with my dental hygiene! Today I had 2 vanilla boosts, about 3 sippy cups of pple juice, 2 sippy cups of ginger ale and 2 bowls of calaloo. Plus lots of water! Trying to make sure I only have good things to report when I see my surgeon tomorrow, trying to keep that ‘exemplary’ patient status!
I didn’t sleep well at all last night, but I am hoping its just a one time thing...don't want to have to add sleeping pills on top of everything else I'm taking.

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