Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 9

I had my first post op meeting with my surgeon today and it went well. They were all pleased, well actually almost amazed at how little swelling I had. They checked to ensure my teeth were sitting properly in the splint, which they were, and checked my hygiene. I'm doing very well but need to pay more attention to the back of my mouth...which for me means quit being scared to pull my lips back and really get into cleaning back there. I have this fear that I'm gonna accidentally rip my stitches out... :S. They also removed my external stitches. I'm apparently supposed to be able to speak by now, however when I try I sound like some swamp monster. My speech is NOT decipherable. I have to keep practicing talking until I get it right, because at the moment not being able to talk is really the only thing that would keep me from going back out to work next week.

They took pics but I didn't get to see any comparisons...I need to put a reminder on my phone to ask either my orthodontist or my surgeon for some so I can include them in this blog.
I'm happy that my first post-op meeting went so well, and hopefully all the rest go as well as this one did.

O, I also got answers to all my questions, but my codeine is kicking in so I will have to post about those later/tomorrow!

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