Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 5

Last night wasn’t bad, except I thought it was okay to not get up at 6am to take my pain meds and antibiotics. I definitely paid for that when I finally woke up at 6. It felt like every headache I ever had crawled up into the front of my head and had a party. It was awwwwwwwful! We here at Rana Inc. have now made the executive decision to keep taking my pain meds til they run out. No more playing Superwoman! 
There isn’t a marked difference between yesterday’s face and today’s face. Except that my lip is almost back to normal size :D. that one I’m happy about. My lower face feels a little less frozen and I think I have more tingles on my nose. It feels so weird….kinda cool, but weird. Can’t believe I’m almost at the  one week mark! I have not drooled on myself whether in my sleep or otherwise since that second night in the hospital so that's something good. 

I think i'm still doing pretty well with my nutrition, I have at least two Boosts per day, as well as a soup and lots of apple juice and ginger ale. I am taking fewer and fewer naps during the day and no longer feel all loopy and light headed like I did when I first left the hospital.

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