Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 23: Same old Same old

Nothing much has changed over the last few days, no major changes in energy, food intake, sleep etc etc. I do have a joke though.

I went over to the building next door to collect some mail, and this conversation ensued. Note the front desk lady hasn't seen me since before surgery.

Her: *glances up, then looks up at me again squinting her eyes* "You're the girl from trini?"
Me: "Yes" waits for it......
Her: "What happened to your face chile?!!"
Me: *points to my handy dandy post it that says 'I just had jaw surgery etc etc"

I really think that this to date was the most amusing reaction to my chipmunk face, if I wasn't banded shut so tightly I probably would've busted out laughing. 

And finally, some pics! As I mentioned my right side is more swollen than the left, and its pretty evident as you can see from the pics below. 

Right Side

Left Side (or as I call it right now, my good side)

I really hope my right side goes down some more, especially since I'll be starting school in about month!

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  1. Sorry if you already posted this but what kind of bite did u have pre surgery? Overbite? Underbite? Open?

    And by the way u look great!