Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 11: Lean Mean Healing Machine

Remember I said yesterday that I had a 'U' of numbness that started under my eyes/right next to my nose, and that I was getting feeling back on the left side of my lips. Well guess what?! Feeling is now returning to my cheekbones/under my eyes andddddddd to the right side of my upper lip. *happy dance* I also have a teeny bit of feeling on the left half of my chin. to me, this is unbelievable. I fully expected to be numb way into my second month of recovery so I am thrilled that my nerves are getting their ish together this quickly.

However, I need to be honest with you guys. There is one aspect of recovery that I'm finding pretty hard. I have been extremely overly emotional of late, sometimes crying for absolutely no reason and I get irritated pretty quickly. I thought I was turning into a crazy person! I asked my doc about it and she said its because of the different drugs, including the steroids that they used while I was undergoing surgery. Such a relief to know that! I've been trying to stay positive, and just take the mood swings on as they happen but it is getting old pretty fast. I read somewhere that it takes up to a month for all the drugs to get out of your system but jeez louise I hope I don't have to deal with this for another 3 weeks! ugh!

In other news, the prune juice was no match for my...situation...and I turned to my tried and true Tisane de Bourbon. 24 hours later and I am one happy camper! So for anyone who is about to have this surgery, please keep in mind that it may take awhile for your body to get back to its 'regularly scheduled program' ;). For those of you who may not have Caribbean heritage or be from the Caribbean, Tisane is a common laxative/blood cleanser and it is made from the senna plant. Just like Buckley's, it tastes awful but it works!

Todays energy level is at an all time high
So far for the day I've had 2 boosts and 2 sippy cups of ginger ale and its only 1:22pm so not bad at all.
My weight is strangely up one lb from yesterday so I'm 124 right now (told ya'll i would be the heifer to gain weight on a liquid diet smh)The inside of my lips are all healed thanks to my increased frequency of salt water rinses and my use of wax on my brackets for 12 hours a day (put them in before bed and take the wax out when I have lunch the foll day)

                                               Soooo much better than when i first got home from the hospital!

My hygiene is still A ok, honestly my waterpik rocks!
I still can't speak mom keeps saying 'try to talk!' then when I say something she's all 'I don't know what you just said write it down for me,' :S gotta love her lol

and last but not least I do my mouth exercises every day quite possible hundreds of times. My surgeon told me to keep pursing my lips, i.e. do a kissy face. This helps to break up scar tissue as well as to exercise your face muscles. I've been doing them while typing this post, I do them while watching tv, etc etc

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